Feeling thankful

Each week before my Farmer Dave’s CSA pick-up day an email gets sent out to member with a list of what we may expect in our share that week ( which can change) and Farm Notes.  These are usually about what is happening on the farm, what is being harvested etc.  The notes are always interesting and I enjoy reading them.

The Farm Notes this week really struck a chord with me.  They were written by one of the farm team members talking about the emails they receive from families.  How the CSA has changed the way their family especially the children eat.  The vegetables and fruit taste so good that it isn’t a battle to get them to eat.  The kids look forward to it, they talk about it. That is success.

Working in health care I see the effects of poor nutrition every day in children and adults. Children being diagnosed with pre-diabetes and high cholesterol under the age 12? I am not referencing different disease states that can bring them on,  I am referring to the families where processed food is the norm for the adults and children. How can we expect children to eat well if we don’t as adults.  We are the example.  

Small changes is all it takes.  Maybe jumping into a CSA all at once is too much.  Bring the kids to a farmers market or a farm stand.  Let them pick out some items.  Better yet pick out a recipe together to make then shop.  Maybe it’s only a meal or two a week but it is a start.

These Farm Notes made me think about our own evolution.  With my family, I jumped in with both feet and got creative really quickly ( you can roast veggies and blend them in almost anything – undetectable!).  This is our forth season and sometimes I think back to how I cooked before.  It’s a very faint memory.  Now I am canning, preserving and freezing to the point of having enough “put up” to use an older term  to last us through the winter until our spring share starts in March.  The quality and nutrients in the food is so much better than anything you can buy in the grocery stores in the winter.

I choose Feeling Thankful as the title because of all those changes.  Our health has improved overall.  I recently got my own labs back and since September 2014  my cholesterol has dropped 60 points.  It wasn’t very high to begin with but in one year it went from 200 to 140 and my hypertension has disappeared.  I haven’t done anything drastic or taken any medicines.  It dropped because of what I’ve been eating. The changing of one habit at a time does work.  It started with feeding ourselves better, not a “diet” just unprocessed, nutritious food.   Two and a half years ago I couldn’t walk a half of a block now I know I can walk at least 10 miles.  I work out and enjoy it, 5 days a week.  I can hike.  I can do push-ups, planks and weight lift.   I enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training, me the girl who couldn’t reach her shoes to tie them. My energy levels are off the charts.  As time went on I did lose weight, quite a bit as a matter of fact but that wasn’t the focus. The scale got tossed.  I still eat meat, buffalo wings (my favorite) and drink wine but I also consume a lot of vegetables and am very active.  It’s all about balance.

11924771_10206751148729820_8976285572509295494_nI too am very appreciative of that CSA box I pick up every week and all the effort that goes into growing those vegetables.   It’s a different life now and I am very thankful.

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  1. Bethany says:

    Reblogged this on Power, Peace, and the Porch Gym and commented:
    Wanted to share this post written by a friend. She talks about habits I am working on, such as gratitude, balance, dietary changes over the long term. She has a few years on me in terms of her habits journey, so that shows persistence and sustainability too.

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